Nate & Tilly

Hello. We are Nate and Tilly Ritter. Separately, we’ve traveled almost the entire United States and Europe. Together we’ve been across most of Canada. On May 21, 2008 we will begin our search for the best place to live in Europe.

About Nate Ritter

Nate is a freelance web developer, revenue strategy and social media consultant and public speaker. You can visit his professional blog and follow him on twitter. He’s successfully founded, built and sold web-based companies and continues to do so while traveling with new ventures in a variety of different industries.

About Tilly Ritter

Tilly has been a highly recommended executive assistant and office manager for multiple real estate companies like Windermere Real Estate and Maguire Properties. Her organizational skills are parallel to none. She keeps Nate’s randomness in line most of her waking hours, too, for which she should be paid another salary for (she’ll even tell you so). She loves music and is actively pursing a career as a singer/songwriter.

How are you able to travel Europe like this?

Nate is a freelance web developer, entrepreneur, consultant and public speaker. He can work from anywhere, so why not from everywhere? Tilly dedicated the last two years of her salary toward this goal and has been the stable rock which brings forth the foundation on which we’re able to risk almost nothing.

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Why are you guys traveling around Europe?

Two words: Why not? When each of us was young (pre-working age), we realized the little communities and cities we lived in were great, but there was so much more to see. People are different, cultures are different. Everyone lives completely different lives, thinks differently, even so much as thinking in a different language.

When we decided to get married, we also decided that one of our primary goals in life was to make traveling a lifestyle. We couldn’t do it then, but we’ve since been given the luxury of a different attitude, choosing a different lifestyle.

So, when someone asks us why we’re packing everything we own into a storage unit and hitting the road, we answer “why not?” It’s the best answer we can give. Wouldn’t you rather be traveling around the globe?

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