Free French Lessons in San Diego

French Cafe

French Cafe

We’ve been back from France for about a year and a half but I can’t stop thinking about the food, the people, and the language. Some days, when I’m walking around downtown, I hear people speaking French and I try intently to listen in – although I quickly realize I’ve forgotten the language and don’t know what they’re saying. That doesn’t stop me though. I listen anyway.

Then, just the other day, Tilly and I were walking back from Little Italy and saw what looked like a somewhat new French Cafe. The sign is what brought us in though… “Free French Lessons on Saturday and Sunday.” I quickly talked with the owner, who was obviously French, with his outrageous accent and mannerisms. I was secretly hoping he’d be philosophical and dismissive of me, just so I could feel at home again. But even without the smug attitude, it did. It felt like I belonged there again, with their fresh croissants and beautiful language.

I looked forward to trying their baguette and espresso soon.

Today, I went to the lesson, and it was packed. Every seat was full of Americans butchering the French language (Saturdays are for beginners). The teacher was young, but too shy for a somewhat noisy café, so it was difficult to hear him, even though I stood about 3 feet from him. Learning a language without hearing the intricacies is difficult at best.

By the time I got my order in, there were no seats left. So, because of the soft-spoken tutor and the lack of seating, I relegated to have my croissant and iced tea outside in the sun. It was somewhat disheartening not to be inside listening, and besides feeling like I was the bad kid in school who got sent outside the room, I started to think about France again – how I loved it, how I miss it, how we were challenged by our travels there, our friends, and more.

Perhaps I’ll try the advanced class tomorrow instead. Perhaps I’ll be a bit early, just in case. Perhaps I’ll have a wonderfully scented, perfectly tasting, warm baguette and an espresso while I fumble through some “bonjour”s and “Je ne peux pas croire que c’est pas le beurre!”

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Too bad i don’t live in San Diego. It would be a good class to attentd. Thanks for sharing your passion for french

I was wondering where is this cafe and do they stillhave the french classes



I’m not sure if they still do French classes there or not. I haven’t been in a while. But, you can check it out here, in little italy.

This is so cool…we’re new in San Diego and looking for a place to take French lessons, how long ago was this and where exactly is the Café?


Christian, see the link above in the comments.

is the class still going on? Where and when? Please advise. Merci.

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