Amazing Colorful Thailand Festivals

As a traveler you will never get disappointed when going to Thailand. But how about taking your vacation to the next level, explore the true Thai culture, the Thai festivals. Thai people are proud of their festivals, and that shows. When attending a festival you see nothing but smiling happy faces, but Thais and also tourists. Because Thai festivals has become more and more popular to attend.

The most well known festival to foreigners are the Songkran water festival. The Songkran water festival is all about throwing water. Not only does it believe to bring good luck, it is also refreshing as the Songkran festival is held at the hottest period of the year.

A smaller festival not very known among foreign tourists, is the Phimai festival. This festival is held in November in the Phimai historical park in the city Nakhon Ratchasima or more common known as Korat.
The Phimai festival will show the areas exiting culture from numerous exhibitions, but the two main events are the colorful dragon boat race on the Mun river and the light and sound presentation at the beautiful temple Prasat Hin Phimai.

Another fascinating festival is the Rocket festival in Yasothon. This festival, called Bun Bung Fai, is a firework show you will not believe to have witnessed. The 3 days that this rocket festival will last will show you many great parades, and it’s all coming down to the last day where the rockets will be launched, asking the gods and spirits for at good harvest.

Thai festivals are quite unique and not to be seen elsewhere in the world. Next time you plan a trip to Thailand make sure you take the time to attend a real Thailand festival. Every region has its own festival, on various time of year, so there are many possibilities to be part of this cultural pearl of Thailand.

Best Cuban Restaurants In Miami

Miami is filled with a plethora of delicious places to eat and drink. If you find yourself craving Cuban food then continue to read this article to get great tips on where to eat.

Their certainly is not a shortage of wonderful Cuban restaurants in Miami. It is known to be the mecca of Cuban restaurants , music and drink. So the competition for restaurants in general is fierce and the critics are harsh. Currently the top rated Cuban restaurants in Miami are Islas Canarias Restaurant and Versailles Restaurant.

Islas Canarias Restaurant is rated as a ten when it comes to its authenticity to Cuban food. The dining atmosphere is casual and the price range is extremely affordable. When dining at Islas Canarias I took tons of pictures with my Nikon D 7000. You wouldn’t believe how wonderful this restaurant looked with this incredibly advanced digital camera. You will certainly love the authentic charm Islas Canarias has. Order a glass of their homemade sangria and your night will be complete.

Not that far from Loews miami beach hotel is a adorable little Cuban restaurant called Sergios. It is not as fancy as Versailles but it sure is worth the stop.There lunch menu is very affordable and you certainly will not leave feeling hungry. Just be prepared to wait a little bit. It is always an excellent sign when there is a waiting line. Believe me when I say it is worth the wait go and check it out for yourself.

Miami is one of the biggest tourist saturated cities in the USA. Their are constantly restaurants opening and closing everyday. You can find everything from Thai, BBQ, Chinese, American,Mexican, Japanese and Italian in Miami.  What is popular right now may be old news within a year. I truly hope that Islas Canarias, Versailles and Sergios all stick around for a while.

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