The Beauty of Nang Yuan

Koh Nang Yuan is one of the most impressive beaches in Thailand. That is high praise considering how many stunning beaches Thailand has. Nang Yuan is located just off the coast of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. This post will look at why Nang Yuan is so beautiful and what it has to offer.

Nang Yuan is actually a slight misnomer because it is not one island but three. They are small granite rock islands covered in trees and vegetation that are connected by a sandbank about 50 meters long. When the tide is out two double sided beaches are formed. Pictures of Nang Yuan show an iconic scene of islands joined by white swirling beaches set in an emerald sea.

The feeling of being on Nang Yuan is immense – being surrounded by water, sand and sun. Everything on the same horizon distorts perception. From a distance (at the right time of day) it often looks like people are walking on water as they stroll the beaches of Nang Yuan. The feeling is similar when you visit salt plains like those found at Uyuni in Bolivia. In short, you feel great being on the beach and swimming in the water.

When you get in the water you are soon confronted with marine life in very clear water. You can snorkel and see lots of fish including angel fish and butterfly fish. Farther out it is possible to see eagle rays. You can spend a lot of time just exploring the water.

Only one island is inhabited on Nang Yuan because it has National Park status. Nang Yuan Dive Resort has a restaurant on the beach and bungalows on the rocks. The accommodation at Nang Yuan resort is mid-range in terms of amenities but it is high end when it comes to the view and the setting. Prices at Nang Yuan Dive Resort start at about $50 a night.

If you go to the south of Thailand you will kick yourself if you don’t go to Nang Yuan.

Top Beach Activities in Sri Lanka

Tourism is one of the biggest income streams for Sri Lanka and its beautiful beaches are the main attraction for tourists. Situated in the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka is renowned world over for its beautiful white sand beaches. Although relaxing by the beach and working on there tan is the activity preferred by most tourists, there are some who are interested exploring more and doing more adventurous things. Mentioned below are some beach activities available to you in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Beaches

After sunbathing and sea bathing the next most popular activity is wind surfing. Arugam Bay beach in Sri Lanka is one of the top ten surfing beaches in the world and it has different areas, some suited for experience surfers and some more suited towards surfers who are still learning the trick of the trade. If traveling to Arugam Bay in east coast is not for you, the southern coast which is closer to Colombo also has great places for you to enjoy surfing. But the southern coast is more suitable for people who are experienced in surfing. Surfing gear is available in most of the nearby hotels, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your gear all over the country.

Whale and Dolphin watching is another very popular beach activity in Sri Lanka, something you can do  in the comfort of a luxury boat. Because Sri Lanka is situated in a protected zone by the Whaling association you can find resident Whales near Sri Lanka. Also the southern coast of Sri Lanka is situated very close to Whale migration paths, making those beaches the perfect place to go on Whale watching tours. The Dondra beach near Mirissa is considered the best place to watch Whales and Dolphins in Sri Lanka. Galle, Trincomalee are two other towns that are famous for Whale watching tours. Whale watching tours are conducted by qualified operators and there is a life guard in every boat. You have the option of having lunch in the sea or if the tour is organized by a hotel, having lunch in that hotel.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two more activities that are very popular in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa marine reserve is the best place to do this because it is situated very close to the land. Pigeon island marine reserve is another good place to go snorkeling, although you need to take a boat ride to reach the island. There are other areas in Sri Lanka that is great for scuba diving but in most of those cases you need to far into the deep sea to enjoy that experience and to go deep sea diving you need some experience as well.

Mentioned above are some of the top beach activities in Sri Lanka. Other than that you can go on wreck diving expeditions, take boat tours around bays, mangroves and lagoon or go on island hopping tours in some areas. There are so many activities available for visitors, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the famous beach holiday destinations.

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