Markets in Costa Blanca Spain

The Costa Blanca coast is located on the eastern coastline of Spain between the regions of the Costa Azahar and the Costa Calida. Known as the white coast this area is blessed with many sandy beaches with almost white sand and a warm climate throughout the year.

One of the other attractions of visiting this area is getting to know the Spanish people and Spanish culture. One of the best ways to do this is by visiting one of the local markets which are usually held once a week in each local town.

Because the Costa Blanca markets are held on different days of the week if one day your local one is not on, it stands to reason that not too far away there is a market which you can visit in the nearby town.

Visiting the local market on the Costa Blanca gives you the opportunity to mix with locals and practice your basic Spanish. Not only this but you get to sample the very freshest produce from the area. In particular the oranges and lemons are well-known throughout the world. There are plenty of other local goods and produce that you can buy such as wines, cherries, leather goods, paella, grapes and shoes.

Even if some of the stalls don’t necessarily stock local handmade goods, you will find a vast array of different products from throughout the world at bargain prices.

The prices at the market are usually lower than you would find in supermarkets because most of the products are grown locally and therefore there are no transportation costs.

Markets we recommend are Elche on a Monday, Alicante on Tuesday, Guardamar on a Wednesday, Javea on a Thursday, Torrevieja on Fridays and Pedreguer rastro market on a Sunday.

Whichever market you decide to visit when you are on your holiday or vacation be very careful to mind the security of your wallet. Unfortunately crowded markets are a perfect place for pickpockets to target their unassuming victims who are otherwise distracted having fun.

Nepal adventure tour

Nepal is a land of amazing diversity and incredible beauty. Along with the gorgeous landscape and mind-blowing scenic views, one can also experience the diversity in culture and ethnicity. The smiling faces of the native people and their warm hospitality is what brings the tourists closer to the country’s everyday life and gives them a reason to visit this great nation again and again.

It is fun park for thrill seekers and naturalists. Nepal is known around the world for it’s sky touching summits and snow capped mountains. Many tourists from over the world come to conquer the highest peaks of the world, since the eight highest peaks of the world is situated here. Some tourist come here with one thing in mind that is Nepal trekking. But thrill goes beyond trekking in Nepal, this small landlocked country has more to offer. Nepal has the world’s second deepest bungee jump and there is skydiving, mountain flights, paragliding, white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking and much more.

If you aren’t the hardcore adventurous type, then Nepal also has a place for you nature lovers. Jungle safaris are one of the very popular activities that tourists sign up for. There are sixteen national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas that lets you have the magnificent scenic experience with the wilderness of the country. The two famous national parks, Bardiya and Chitwan are the home to many wild animals, floras and hundreds of species of birds. It can be the chance for you to have the spine tingling first sight of a real tiger, a few feet away from you.

Along with all the nature mingling, sight seeing, and the thrills and excitement of the adventure and exploration of the country, one still cant have enough of the different cultural expedition and bonding with the people. Culture and tradition is one of the core essence of the true Nepali society. Without a taste of it, your tour is incomplete. The authentic taste of the mouth watering delicacies of the various ethnic groups and culture is one thing you will never forget about Nepal. All in all, Nepal tour isn’t a short journey that lasts for a few weeks or few days. A lifetime is not enough to grasp and absorb the beauty if this nation. You will definitely want to come back after your first.

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