Berlin City Breaks: A Retreat

Despite of the fact that living in an urbanized place cannot give you the kind of unwinding feeling that you are looking for, then you might want to think again. With all those stressful and heavy moments, who would have though that Berlin city breaks can actually work out?

Berlin is Germany’s capital. This is said to be the seventh most populous urban city when it comes to the European Union so just imagine how progress and development have sculpted through their streets and their lives. With such kind of setting, can you still imagine how you can take Berlin city breaks and unwind from the busy place?

Berlin city breaks are indeed possible since the place, though urbanized, had lots of places that could be visited by stressed out people. For example, in Berlin you can get into Grunewald where the largest forested place of Berlin is located. Simply get your picnic baskets and relax with its solemnity perfect for people who wanted unwinding and peaceful moments. Aside from that, you may also get into the Museum Island and feed your eyes and hearts out with the exhibits of their previous histories and even get a chance to see the historical displays of Nefertiti’s bust.

If you wanted to see Berlin as a whole, you can also get your Berlin city breaks by enjoying the panoramic view of the whole place as you ascend on the Reichstag which is one of the most prominent structures in Berlin that is established in the heart of the city. Enjoy the breath taking scenes from above and gaze at Berlin’s masterpiece structures of buildings from ingenuity of the people’s engineering capabilities.

You can also simply stroll down Berlin’s streets and mingle with the people as you enjoy your time spent on their markets and shopping stores distributed all around the city. You can see more about this Miniferie Berlin on John Phullon’s articles. You may learn more about storbyferie when you visit the website.

7 Breathtaking Views You Don’t Want to Miss in Australia

Australia is a strange country if you consider the diversity and the differences in scenery that you can experience, so very different from other parts of the world. The colors themselves have a completely different story to tell; the climate is also very different. Someone without a lot of knowledge about the country may well think that Australia is nothing but a mass of deserts, but, even if there are barren, sun ridden regions, you can also find astonishingly lush patches of land. You can witness the beauty of the mountains; you are a witness to a lot of water engulfed patches of green and, especially in the eastern regions, you can admire a wonderful sea side paradise.

Therefore, whether you plan to travel by car, in your own personal vehicle or by renting one from a company like Drive My Car Rentals, or even if you plan some extensive hiking adventures, you will be offered a lot of diverse views and gorgeous locations to feast your eyes upon. Here’s a list of 7 of the most breathtaking vistas you shouldn’t miss on your next adventure travel trip to Australia.

  1. On top of Australia!The Snowy Mountains. Let’s start this journey high in the mountain side. There are different altitudes and different types of rock formations in Australia, but if you want to be overwhelmed with an out of this world view, the best place to start is this one. The mountain will offer you a multitude of visual delights, alpine flowers, the specific wildlife and also the really extraordinary vistas. The legendary river Finke runs through the Snowy Mountains as well, and it sure needs to be seen. Breath in the cold and mind numbing mountain air and let the surroundings engulf you.
  2. The Sydney Harbor. We all have seen the Sydney Opera House in the movies, with its extraordinary architecture and design. Why not see it for real, standing on the Sydney harbor and being delighted by the extraordinary view that we are presented with. The best time of the year to witness this extraordinary piece of land is the New Years Eve. The pyrotechnics are really a wonder to look at and the people that gather every year will really put you in good company. You can be sure that you will have a good time on any other time of the year but, definitely, winter is the most wonderful period to be engulfed in this strange landscape.
  3. The Great Ocean Road. This is something that any driver would really love and enjoy. A road lasting for about 250 kilometers passing through by some incredible surf spots, going along some breathtaking cliffs that will surely leave you wondering how the road was even built there. Then, you can delight in the vistas of the lone beach side that will be your companion for the remaining of the journey, passing through the resorts in Loren and then Apollo. Some waterfalls will make your acquaintance, a bit of rain forest and also big stretches of ocean pigmented with rock formations will come out to salute you. A wonderful experience all the way.
  4. The Barossa Valley. Maybe you want to delight your eyes with the astonishing view of a vineyard, or feel the relaxedness that such a tranquil place can offer. Either way, the vast green patches of orderly vines will make you feel right as rain and they sure offer an astounding panorama. Just don’t go too far with the wine tasting, and your driving skills should still be present at the end of the day.
  5. Brown UluruUluru Ayers Rock. Everybody who knows anything about Australia will tell you about this stranded mountain peak. A breathtaking giant coming out of nowhere, treating you with its wonderful reddish impassivity, this is one place that will make you meditative and inquisitive. You can view it from the ground or from up in the air, but either way you will get a view never to be forgotten. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you because there will sure be some breathtaking sights to be seen. You can also camp outside the range, and the offered amenities will keep you satisfied for days at an end.
  6. The Great Barrier Reef. There are many reef formations in the world but none is more impressive than the Australian epitome. Besides the obvious view of the coral range you will be treated with an assortment of plant and wildlife specimens, the most interesting being the flat back turtles and the salt water crocodiles. If you enjoy snorkeling, the underwater fauna and flora will certainly be out of this world to get immersed in. Also, a number of rare species of fish, and other impressive sea creatures will beg to be seen and explored and they sure look like nothing else you’ve ever seen.
  7. The Whitsunday’s island in Queensland. This place is located next to the town of Airlie Beach, and even from there you can wonder at the beauty and prosperity of the landmark. You will be offered the sight of an enormous monolith, and also, the sight of a no longer active volcano. Besides the awesome view you will be able to enjoy a number of activities that revolve around the water, from snorkeling, some swimming if you like it, and even submerged expeditions. Or you can just take your time while sipping from a cocktail and quietly enjoying the view.

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