Are you interested in sponsoring this blog or our travels? You should be. This blog is a compliment to Nate’s other blog which receives a significant amount of traffic. This travel blog was started in late February, 2008 and through the use of new media marketing (and a few tricks up our internet sleeves), will gain significant exposure.

Significant exposure for us means significant exposure for you.

What do sponsors get out of it?

You will receive three things:

  1. Brand exposure and reinforcement
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How will sponsors get those?

First, through direct links and logo placement on our sidebar, on this page, and throughout posts. We have quite a few different ways to link to you, but the strongest supporting sponsors will get the best placement and most frequent mentions.

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Who’s sponsoring you already

Zappos - Biggest Shoe Store on Earth

Zappos.com is probably the most awesome shoe store on the planet.  They don’t charge for shipping your shoes back and forth, even if they don’t fit or you got the wrong pair.  Amazing!  We’ve purchased shoes from them even before we received their sponsorship, so I’ve got nothing but great things to say about this company and their products.


So you want to sponsor us too? I knew you were smart. Please, contact us. Before we agree, we will want to make sure your product or service fits our criteria:

  1. Is the sponsored product/service something we think is cool or good enough to promote? This pretty much just falls into the category of “we don’t promote crap”. We really want to talk about awesome stuff, stuff that we think our readers would want or need.
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  3. Could we use the cash? We want to make it clear that we are happy to trade sponsorship for picking up a part of the tab too. We can only take so much stuff on a backpacking trip, but spending money will come easy. If you’d like to fund a portion of our trip, we’ll be happy to promote you also.

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