2 Top Summer Vacation Destinations

Summer break: one of the most awaited vacation times of the year for students, professionals and retirees. This is because it is the best time to appreciate the sun specially for those who live in naturally cold places. Now, have you planned for your ultimate summer vacation this year? If not yet, I will assist in you in deciding which place to go this time.

This article will provide you with at least two (2) top destinations in the past years. These places belong to the top maybe because of the sites and activities that the vacationers can do on their stay at the place.

On the one hand, among the top 10 tourist destinations, not only in Australia, but in the whole world as well is the Cairns in Queensland. This is because of their one of a kind attraction in the place, which is none other than the Great Barrier Reef. This place is actually considered as the heaven and paradise of people who enjoy nature tripping activities since you can do snorkeling and scuba diving along the magnificent Reef.  Aside from that, there are also several inland adventures that you must never miss.

If you are wondering if it is expensive to go there, well you are definitely wrong. This is because there are already a number of budget airlines that can offer you cheap flights to Cairns from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

St. Thomas, USVIOn the other hand, if you want an exquisite vacation to the Atlantic, explore the Mediterranean or the Caribbean and the rest of Europe, you can dream of that but that would be extremely expensive if you will visit them one by one via plane. With that, the best option for you is to book your vacation to any of the ships of Norwegian Cruise Line that can bring you to cross-Atlantic adventures. With that, you will be able to briefly visit lots of cities in just few days.

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