Adventure Travel Destinations

Costa Rica is widely regarded as one of the best adventure travel destinations in the world. This area is home to rich culture, whitewater rafting, beautiful beaches, fun backpacking adventures, and much more. If you want to leave your VIP luggage bags and leather backpack purses for women behind and go branching out into the outdoors, there are several other places you can also visit.

New Zealand

New Zealand is especially famous for the film Lord of the Rings, where it was shot. However, this country is still perfect for outdoor adventures and will provide travelers with all types of extreme activities. Although the Orcs and Goblins were created by CGI in the movie, the amazing landscape is real.

South Africa

For years, the African continent has remained a prime target for backpackers who are looking for a true outback adventure. South Africa is home to nature events, abundant wildlife, rolling rivers, and massive waterfalls. Some of the natural landscapes in South Africa have been rated the best ever. The region is very diverse, so travelers will be able to see distinctly different attractions while remaining in the same area. Although traveling to Africa can be fairly expensive, living costs can be much cheaper than in a big resort region, especially if you don’t need to stay in luxury hotels.


It may be funny to think of Siberia as a backpacking destination. However, the Russian Northeast is gradually becoming a popular adventure area for travelers who want to experience the raw wilderness. Easter Russia boasts rolling tundra and dense forests, making it perfect for people who want to experience wildlife away from mainstream society. As the area becomes more popular, there are increasing numbers of outdoor activities for travelers who are exploring the area. However, you will need to be experienced with outdoors to get through the terrain.

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