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I’ve been flipping through the journal that I kept while we were in Europe and I thought that maybe I should post some of the entries here. I know we didn’t do as many posts as we had intended but I still have a desire for you to hear about our adventures. It was such an amazing adventure and I’d love for you to share in our stories.

A little background if you’re just joining us: Nate and I decided to move to Europe in 2005. We both love to travel and instead of trying to do a whirlwind tour of Europe crammed into a few weeks, we decided it would be great to rent a flat for a year and use it as a home-base while we traveled. We could go back home to do laundry, catch up on sleep and Nate could work for another week or so (on the internet) and then head back out to continue exploring Europe. It took us a lot of planning and dreaming and saving to finally make it happen. We decided to move to the south of France since the climate is so similar to San Diego and would be a relaxing place to return to after our traveling. We moved to France on May 21, 2008 with the plan of returning in a year. But plans don’t always work out how we intend as you’ll soon see.

Journal Entry: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:30pm LAX

Nate and I are at LAX waiting for our flight to London. We have been in a packing frenzy for the past 5 days. Even though Nate and I aren’t pack-rats, we somehow managed to accumulate a lot of stuff while living in San Diego. But all that is now behind us as we eagerly await our flight.

Nate is creating a “Europe” distribution email list right now so we can send everyone a goodbye email with our contact and blog information. I’ve been chatting on the phone with friends and family and just taking it all in. I can’t believe that the day is finally here. That we’re actually sitting here with a boarding pass in-hand that will get us on a plane headed to Europe! This adventure is going to be amazing!

Our plane that will take us to Europe

Our plane that will take us to Europe


We’re sitting on the plan right now and we’re at about 20,000 feet and somewhere over the California desert. I can’t believe that we’re here! That we are actually sitting on a plane headed for London. It’s surreal and so crazy! Nate prayed right before we took off and dedicated this trip, our year and our adventures to God. It’s going to be a life changing experience and this is only the very tiniest beginning. I’m moved to tears every time I think about what we’re doing. I’m not sure if they are tears of sadness for the chapter we just closed or tears of joy for the great adventure ahead. Maybe a bit of both. One thing that is probably the best thing about all of this… Nate’s coming with me and we’ll go through this all together.

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Keep it up Tilly. I’m definitely up for reading it all – it will keep me going until we next head over.

Thanks Matt. It’s been fun reading through my journal and remembering things I had already forgotten. I’ll keep posting. Come visit soon!

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