Being a tourist in Myrtos

Myrtos is a seaside village close in proximity to Ierapetra. The area is naturally beautiful and very pleasant to the human senses. The leisurely pace and rural environment is very absorbing and tourists are comforted by it year after year. ‘What to do in Myrtos?’ may be a question you find yourself asking as it seems like a quiet place. This article will answer that question by giving you some suggestions.

The most popular thing you can do is visit a beach. There are many gorgeous beaches to walk along. Some are relaxing, and others are filled with a carnival atmosphere. Whether you want to take it easy or have some fun there are beaches which cater to your needs. The atmosphere is delightful, with the soft grey sand providing comfort as you stare across the seemingly endless stretch of shimmering water. It is easy to lose yourself in this world.

Another option is to visit Tertsa which offers camping or Ierapetra. Along the way you can enjoy some striking scenery. You could visit the South Dikti Mountain which is a popular tourist spot. The Agios Antonios church is considered by many to be an architectural beauty. It also provides you with a sense of peace and wisdom, which hopefully lasts when you return home.

There are many cafés in Myrtos which you should visit to get a taste of the local life. If you are interested in history then you should visit the Minion settlement in Pirgos, which is close to Myrtos. You can tour this settlement and gain a great understanding of a culture which existed long ago. As you can see, whether you want to relax or delve into the history of the area, there are many activities to make your time in Myrtos fulfilling and enjoyable.

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