Catching up with Friends in Kauai

Nate & I on our Honeymoon

Nate & I on our Honeymoon in Kauai

Next week Nate and I are heading to Hawaii.  We rented a house with some of Nate’s college roommates and their wives/fiances on the island of Kauai.  It’s going to be eight days of sunshine, beaches, hiking, boating, luaus and pure bliss.  Now some of you might be wondering why Hawaii would be so great when I live in San Diego with the beach at my doorstep and 75-80 degree weather in November.  My answer would have to be… it’s the people we’ll be going with (okay! and a smidge of the tropical heaven away from home).

Chris, Aaron, Johnny, Steve, Nate

Chris, Aaron, Johnny, Steve, Nate

When Nate and I started dating waaaay back in 2001, he was in college and he was living with this great group of guys: Aaron, Chris, Johnny and Steve (and Levi the downstairs neighbor).  There was always something going on at their apartment and it was the place to be.  People were always coming and going and there was always something to do or someone to talk with.  I spent many, many hours there and became great friends with all the roommates.  They’ve all been a part of mine and Nate’s relationship… they’ve seen the best and worst of us.  I count them as dear friends.  Over the past seven years they have all gotten married (minus one but he’s engaged) and even though I’ve spent time with all the girls, I don’t feel like I actually know them all that well.  Hopefully by the end of this trip we’ll have created memories and a bond that will last a lifetime.  Lifetime friends are the best kind

And maybe us girls will have to plan an annual trip like the boys’ annual snowboarding trip.  Hmmm… a girls’ spa weekend has a great ring to it.

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