Don’t Expect English in Buenos Aires

When traveling to a foreign country with a different language, many people will be intimidated and scared by the thought of not knowing how to communicate with the people around them. For obvious reasons, people need to know many phrases before they travel like how to ask directions, for a bathroom, or even things to know in case of emergency. However, when traveling to Buenos Aires you will find that there is a lot of English in places that you might not expect. The interesting thing about this is that much of this English will not prove to be very helpful at all. This is why it would definitely be a good idea to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires – even if it is just taking a quick one day travelers’ course.

The English that you will find in Buenos Aires is very interesting. In many of the very touristy, expensive shopping areas, you will see many shops that are titled in English like The Pink Rose or Mark’s Deli and Café. English is fairly prevalent in other ways in these areas as the shop and restaurant owners are expecting Americans or other English tourists to come in and spend money. For example, some stores will not even have a sign in their windows that say abierto(open) but rather a sign in English that says “open.” Many restaurants also have an optional English language menu. It is also not uncommon to meet people in these stores that are able to speak English with you in hopes of increasing their chances of a sale.

Though you might be able to find assistance in English while dining or shopping in the very touristy areas of Buenos Aires, when traveling in other parts of the city – it would be rare to come across a server in a restaurant who will be able to answer your English questions. With so many different options on the menus, not knowing Spanish would make it very difficult to choose something you like. Also it would be difficult to get directions in English from people on the street. Your best bet is to attend a Spanish school in Buenos Aires in order to learn some simple Spanish you can use in your travels and also in order to get some suggestions of some great, interesting places to visit. Maybe you can even make some new friends who are also interested in exploring to enjoy the city of Buenos Aires with!

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