Good Travel Destinations for Wine Tasting

Sinskey CabernetWhether you’re an expert wine taster, or one of the many amateur enthusiasts, the idea of a wine tasting holiday may appeal to you, and there are several great travel destinations to visit.

If you’re looking at a holiday in Britain this year, it’s even possible to do vineyard tours and go wine tasting in Devon. If you’re able to travel further afield, vineyard tours are available in some of the most famous wine growing regions in the world, and you don’t have to be an expert wine taster to enjoy a holiday in these areas.

What could be better than spending your days in a luxury villa or picturesque cottage, enjoying some beautiful scenery and sampling the best local wines and cuisines of the region?

As the best known wine producing country in the world, France comes to mind as an obvious choice for a wine tasting holiday destination. France’s countryside and climate enable its many vineyards to produce some of the finest wines in the world.

If you’re planning a wine tasting holiday in France, consider visiting the Champagne region. Although Champagne is one of the most popular wine growing areas in the country, it is possible to find a holiday cottage or villa at affordable prices.

The Champagne region is easy to get to, and offers opportunities for visiting many different vineyards to sample different varieties of champagne.

The Loire valley is another of France’s most popular wine tasting destinations. It is the source of some of the finest wines in France, such as the citrus scented Sancerre and the lightly fruited Vouvray.

Spain is another popular destination for wine tasting, and is fast becoming one of the major wine producers in the world. La Rioja is one of Spain’s most popular wine tasting regions.

You can rent a holiday villa or farmhouse, explore the area and sample some of Spain’s finest wines while soaking up the sunshine.

Italy is another of Europe’s very pleasant wine tasting destinations, and wine is produced in almost every part of the country, along with their well loved Italian cuisine.

Further afield, South Africa and California’s Napa Valley also have great vineyards that are open to visitors, and offer many interesting places to visit on a family vacation.

As a wine enthusiast, there is a whole world of wine tasting out there waiting for you, with many different wines to try and beautiful holiday destinations to visit.

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