Gregory Z55 Backpack – Keep Cool This Summer

The Gregory Z55 backpack is the second largest backpack in Gregory’s ‘Ventilated Backpacking’ range. It is a popular model amongst backpackers and is designed for full-blown camping adventures lasting several days.

Like all Gregory backpacks, the Z55 is tough, versatile and above all, superbly comfortable. These backpacks seriously take the pain out of backpacking!

True Ventilation
As the name suggests, the Gregory Z55 is a ventilated backpack that ‘breathes’. Gregory’s innovative ‘Jetstream’ technology ensures that the pack rests on the shoulder blades and lower back allowing air to pass through the gap in between. The shoulder harness and waistbelt are also padded with perforated foam and moisture-wicking mesh to increase ventilation and airflow.

The Z55 is available in three sizes to suit differences in people’s height. The small version which sits comfortably on a torso size between 16-18″ has a capacity of 51 litres. Likewise, the medium version (for torso 18-20″) has a capacity of 55 litres and the large (20-22″) holds upto 61 litres.

Size-wise, the Z55 sits in between the ‘Z65’ and ‘Z45’ both of which are also ventilated models. If backpacking in hot climates is not something you do often and ventilation is not an important factor, then the ‘Triconi 60’ is also a good alternative.

Tried and tested, the Gregory Z55 backpack carrys upto 40lbs of weight which is distributed evenly across the hips thanks to the well designed waistbelt. Backpack weight does not increase significantly across the sizes. The small weighs 3lbs 13ozs and the large is just 6ozs more.

A great feature of the Z55 is the huge external ‘kangaroo’ pocket attached to the front of the pack which can hold loads of gear and act as a separate compartment altogether for wet clothes for example.

Is Your Backpack A Joy To Carry Or A Burden?

Famous for their superb comfort and excellent fit, Gregory backpacks have been enjoyed by backpackers around the world for over 30 years.

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