Hat Yai Dining

The city of Hat Yai has a large Thai-Chinese population with the majority of its visitors coming from Malaysia and Singapore who are also of Chinese descent. Because of this, many of the restaurants found in this place serve Chinese food. Provinces in the South of Thailand also have a large Muslim population so there are also many Muslim restaurants in the area. These Muslim restaurants sell Halal food and also offer other cuisines like Thai, Malaysian, and Indian. Most of these restaurants are found in Hat Yai although there are areas with higher concentrations like around the junctions of Thanon Niyomrat and Niphat Uthit roads. Although that restaurants that they have here, are not on par with the ones in Bangkok, they are still good though.

Another Hat Yai dining favorite is the Dim Sum and Chinese restaurants which sells this can be found everywhere in the city. They are mostly eaten for breakfast and the price ranges from 10 to 12 Baht. The Dim Sum foods are pre-made and are stocked inside the refrigerators. Once a customer orders a certain dish, they just place the Dim sum on a small wooden basket and heat it up in a special steamer. Some of the Chinese restaurants here are only open from 6 to 11 in the morning, while others are open the whole day.

American food has become really popular in Asia so expect to see some international chain restaurants in town to satisfy the customers who are craving for this type of dish. Some popular chains include McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut, among many others. These restaurants are situated in Lee Gardens Plaza, right in the heart of the city. These restaurant chains have also become popular even among Thais who may also get tired of eating their own dishes.

Other popular Hat Yai dining foods include the internal organs of animals which are being sold at the local fresh market. Even the innards and offals are bought to be cooked and eaten. Some of these are even put into a mincing machine so that they can be turned into burger patties.

Authentic Thai food is really good but sometimes it can be hard to find in Hat Yai as most restaurants have a Chinese food bias. But if you search hard, you can still find restaurants which serve Thai dishes. That street food is also available everywhere and you can even buy them for a bargain.

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