Honeymoon in Kerala: Experiencing Paradise

Each year, the state of Kerala welcomes a lot of coupes from different areas of the world. Blessed with many sightseeing areas and beautiful nature, a honeymoon package in Kerala will most certainly give you the honeymoon experience of your lives!

Embark on a serene journey along the backwaters of Kerala. Rent a luxurious houseboat. Couples, honeymooners and lovers alike enjoy these waters. Surrounded by thick vegetation and sprinkled with colorful wild flower you will just know why.

Bond with your spouse as you take in the beauty of the inlands of Kerala along with the sceneries such as its landscapes, the hilly outlines and also its water forms. You will most certainly enjoy taking pictures as you sail along its waters.

Cuddle up and enjoy the mist on your faces as you two pass by the waterfalls. With all the comforts of lounges and decks, you will be at ease as you take in this breathtaking view.

You can also sail along palm fringed ways and pass by different villages. Explore untouched sceneries of nature that will captivate your heart. Pass through rustic houses, wild aquatic flora and fertile paddy fields. You will be able to share great experiences with your hubby as you travel through these sights together.

You will be in the care of two oarsmen, a tour guide, and one seasoned cook. You will be able to take breaks from the view and enjoy authentic Kerala cuisine paired with authentic Kerala tea. You will feel refreshed as you undertake this honeymoon trip!

Travel among sanctuaries and enjoy a wide variety of exotic animals. Experience feeding these animals together with your honey. This will be one experience you will not forget1

Enjoy a serene journey to the land of Kerala. Celebrate the union of your marriage with the person you love the most. Experience paradise by taking a honeymoon package in Kerala.

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