Jerez De La Frontera Hotels Are Worth Finding

Jerez De La Frontera in the west of Andalucia, and not far from Cadiz is a place with many famous exports. This is where flamenco and Sherry come from, and it is a place famed for it’s horses. Jerez De La Frontera Hotels offer you a great place to explore these things and the beautiful surroundings of an important Spanish town.

You will never be short of a place to stay here. In a town where they pride themselves on what they have to offer their visitors, you can be sure you’ll find a selection of great hotels or holiday villas to while away your time.

There are certain events in the calendar of Jerez that can push the prices up in the hotels. Festivals (fiestas) several times a year attract a lot of locals and tourists, so if this isn’t your primary reason for traveling here it is certainly worth avoiding these times. You can find the exact dates of the festivals for the coming year on various regional websites that are kept constantly updated.

When you are in Jerez there are a few things that you must do. Firstly you must try the sherry (Fino). This means sampling the various different types and finding one you prefer. You may not realize that there are a wide variety of different ones.

You should also make sure that you see some horses. Jerez is famous for the horse parades so be sure to check out some of these magnificent animals. There are grooming to perfection and are a real treat.

Just down the road is the historic town of Cadiz. Once the center of the world for trade and discover of the Americas, this charming old town is located on a peninsula which sticks out in to the sea and is well worth a visit. The new town is built along a very long beach as well.

So grab yourself a great holiday hotels and villas in Jerez De La Frontera and enjoy some time experiencing the real Spain.

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