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There are moments in your life when you make big decisions. Sometimes you might not have realized what it was until you’ve distanced yourself from it. Other times you know making a choice will change your life forever.

I made a choice when I was 15 years old that many make. I wanted to travel. But I didn’t want to just take a few trips here and there. I wanted a lifestyle of traveling.

And then I got older. With age comes responsibility most of the time. But I held on to that decision.

In 2005, my wife and I made probably one of the hardest decisions of our lives yet – to uproot ourselves from our comfy and friendly town of Bellingham, Washington and head for sunny San Diego, California. We left at a time when things were bright for us. Our friends were (and still are) some of the best we’ll ever have in our lives. Our jobs were comfortable and mostly stable. We purchased our first home there, and were very settled in.

But we remembered the decision we’d made – the one I made when I was 15, and we recommitted to when we were married – to make a lifestyle out of traveling.

It’s now March 1st, 2008. I’m 31 years old. My wife is now 26 and we’ve not stopped dreaming about that life of travel. Uprooting ourselves two years ago was difficult, but we did it on purpose. We’ve lived beautifully in San Diego. But the time is here.

The Travel Plan

May 31st will be our last day here in San Diego for a while. We’re putting almost everything we own into storage and heading out with backpacks, cameras, and passports.

We’ll first head back to the Northwest to visit with family and friends before we leave. Then, we’re heading to Iowa to spend another few days with my mom and step-father. After Iowa, the next stop is somewhere in Europe.

The Purpose of this Website

For the few months before we leave, we’ll be adding to this site often. Mostly it will be preparation type of things like, what we’ll do with our car, how to get a visa, how to get a passport, what we’re packing, and things like that. Since I’ve never traveled internationally (other than to Canada), I’m in a new world of red tape, paperwork and phone calls. So, if I think it’s kinda complicated, I’m sure some of you do too. Hence all the helpful tips I’ll be giving as we go along.

Now, once we get to Europe, we’ll both be chronicling our personal lives and our adventures. We’ll probably make a lot of mistakes, which will be funny, sad, entertaining and hopefully informational. Those of you who follow in our footsteps will hopefully learn the things to do and not do while traveling in Europe.

An Opportunity

The last thing I’ll mention is that, being the business guy I am, I’ve started to setup corporate sponsorships for our trip, like Gregory Backpacks. I’ll definitely be mentioning them in future posts along with others. Rest assured, I’m only doing so because I think their travel products or services are awesome.

Now, if you or your company would like to sponsor us with equipment or fund a portion of our adventures, please feel free to contact us. We’re pretty flexible, but as I said, we won’t promote anything we don’t think is awesome.

What will you, the sponsor, get out of this? You’ll most likely get national attention as we promote this blog. I fully intend to use my expertise (yes, I am an expert) in social media to gain as much exposure as possible for this site. So, you’ll get product placement, national (possibly international) recognition, and increased hits to your site, services, and products. I will also be attending new social media conferences where I’ll be promoting this site and our sponsors for at least the next six months.

I think that’s about it for the first post. It’s a bit long, but now you know what we’re doing.

Follow Us, We’ll Follow You

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  3. Please write to us in the comments or otherwise. We would love to hear from you too.

Cheers, and make good decisions!

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