Low Hassle Air Travel

Good planning is essential to no hassle airline travel especially these says with growing security regulations, ever more crowded airports and tightening weight restrictions.  Here are some tips to get your started on your way to a more comfortable and more enjoyable air travel experience.

1) Try to travel lightOlga - Latvia
There are more and more lightweight suitcase designs on the market and recent years have seen some great innovations in suitcase material.  These says you’ll find large suitcases with four spinning wheels that only way a few pounds.  But don’t assume you can stuff these to the hilt with shoes and books.  The last thing you want is to fund that you are over the weight limit at the check in desk.  If you are away from home its a good idea to purchase a travel scale so you can check your luggage weight before you leave the hotel.   If you are in the market for a new suitcase consider purchasing one that has a bold and unsocial color for easy identification.  We dare you to choose a hot pink suitcase or a blue polka dot model!

2) Dress comfortably
Layers are the way to go as you can adjust to different temperatures as you travel through the airport and onto the airplane itself.  Remember that you will need to remove belts and shoes as part of the security process so consider wearing draw string trousers and slip on shoes.  If you are flying long haul take an extra pair of woolly socks with you as well as some moisturizer and lip balm if your skin is prone to dehydration.

3) Check your liquids and gels
Only buy beauty products that are sold in bottles with completely airtight lids.  This is to ensure you don’t have any nasty spillage.  For carry on luggage you are allowed containers of 3.4 ounces or less carried in a single quart sized plastic bag.  For simplicity remember this as the 3-1-1 rule (3 ounces in 1 bag that is 1 quart in size).

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