Maui Sightseeing – Highlights of the Lahaina Historic Walking Train

Maui offers much more than great beaches and constant sun. Many interesting historic sites abound throughout the original towns and settlements. When looking for activities beyond the beach and restaurants, consider taking the historic Lahaina Historic Trail walking tour. The trail is sponsored by the Lahaina restoration foundation, and consists of a pair of loops around the historic points of interest in the original Lahaina town. There are two paths, a smaller 30 minute tour, and a more extensive path that takes around an hour longer. There are many interesting attractions and historical sites along the path. The trail offers a morning or afternoon to learn some Hawaiian culture and history. Some notable features of the tour are described below.

Spending a morning or afternoon wandering the sights of some of the historical attractions of the Lahaina Historic Walking tour is a great way to pass the time. All of the sites are in Old Lahaina town, so they are surrounded by restaurants, shopping, and close to Lahaina hotels and beaches. Travelers can walk and wander at their own pace, and spend as much time at each attraction as they wish.

The Old Lahaina Lighthouse

Commissioned in 1840 by King Kamehameha III to aid whaleboats in their navigation, the lighthouse is a 26′ tower topped by an oil lantern. Traditionally a caretaker kept the lamp burning throughout the night. The lighthouse was rebuilt in 1905 and is very easy to spot at the north end of Lahaina harbor.

The Banyan Tree

The Banyan tree first took root in 1873. The tree commemorates the beginning of protestant missionary efforts in the area. The tree has grown to over 60 foot high, and shades nearly an acre.

The Waiola Churchyard

The Waiola Churchyard is the final resting place for many of the local legends and historical figures. Hawaiian chiefs, early missionaries, and some of the founding fathers of Lahaina rest here. Tombs of many locally notable figures still feature prominently today, including Governor Hoapili and his wife Kalakua, and early missionary William Richards.

The Wo Hing Museum

This museum is affiliated with Chee Kung Tong, a renowned worldwide Chinese fraternal society. The museum was originally built in 1912 as a two story temple. The site was restored in 1983 by the Lahaina Restoration Society and now closely resembles the original temple, including the ceremonial Dancing Lion of Taipei at the door and the second floor altar and shrine room.

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