Move-in Day

Today we move into our new flat. We still have a bunch of cleaning and reorganizing to do but we should be sleeping in our new home tonight! It is definitely an exciting day. We have been staying with Estelle and Manu for 15 days now!! That’s 1/2 a month. That’s almost as many days as it takes to change a habit. That’s as many days as required to give notice at a job. That’s a long time and a lot of patience by our hosts!! They have been amazing and we’re sad to leave them.

An exciting event: we’re going to be traveling around Italy with our friends Tony and Caroline from June 26th-July 4th so we’ll have lots of stories to tell when we get back from that. They’ll also be our first guests at our new flat so you’ll have to ask them all about it.

On another note, we won’t have internet for almost a month. Its a very long process so just bear with us. We’ll try and find Wi-Fi when we can but it will definitely be hit or miss while we wait for our internet connection. We’ll update when we can but don’t be disappointed if we’re MIA for awhile.

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Let us know when you guys get an address!

We need pictures!

Love and miss you guys-


We are loving being able to keep up with you guys and your little adventure! Of course, we are insanely jealous, but still so happy for you. Can’t wait to hear more and see photos when you get the chance…

Can’t wait to see pictures of your new home.

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