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Traveling Around Australia – Sydney Travel Tips

If you’re traveling through Australia then without a doubt you will not want to miss Sydney. Sydney is not the capital of Australia, but by far it’s the largest city there. It has many different areas that cover a lot of different types of architecture, sights and entertainment. Trying to see all of Sydney in a day is a futile effort. Even after a week one would be hard pressed to be able to see all there is to see.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The famous bridge that goes across the harbor, it was made famous when the Olympics were there and also at the turn of the millennium. On both occasions the bridge was lit up stunningly with fireworks and it was a memorable sight. Today you can walk across the bridge or view it from other vantage points in the city.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is Australia’s most famous zoo and likely one of the most beautiful and aesthetic zoos in the world. The way it is constructed is simply stunning – the paths that take you to see all the animals are built in the side of a hill overlooking the bay. The zoo is terraced in this way and not only can you enjoy all of the animals but you can also have a beautiful lunch with a view or a picnic on the grass. If a guide for Sydney travel tips doesn’t mention Taronga Zoo, then it’s not worth it.

The Opera House

The Opera house is another famous landmark that one should absolutely see if they are traveling around Australia. The Sydney Opera House is one of the engineering and architectural wonders of the world, with it’s sail shaped roofs it stands out from very far away.

The Sydney TV Tower

The tallest building in the city, the Sydney TV tower is one of the things you should definitely pay access to get up on. The tower offers the best and most striking views of the city in a 360 degree panorama. You can see the Blue Mountains in the distance to the West, with their unmistakable blue smoky hue that emanates from the Eucalyptus trees and from here you can plan the most important parts of your trip to the Sydney environs and nearby mountains

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are just outside Sydney and if you’ve seen all the night life and enjoyed all the sights in the city then you might want to consider camping for a week or two in the mountains or getting a hotel so you can take some day trips. Things to see are the Three Sisters, the Jenolan Caves, the Devil’s Railway and the various famous valleys dotting the mountain range.

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