Our City Break in Rome

My wife and I holidayed in the wonderful and historic city of Rome for a special treat last year and it turned out to be one of our all time favorite city break destinations.

Our city break in Rome was my wife’s idea. She had been leafing through a glossy Sunday magazine one lazy weekend last February and happened upon a travel feature about the ancient city.

We both marveled at the wonderful pictures and decided there and then to book a city break to the Italian capital.

We arrived in the early evening at Fiumicino Airport and made our way by train to the city center. Upon arrival we were to get a taxi to our hotel. We were immediately taken aback by the native Roman’s lack of queueing skills and decided to take matters into our own hands and elbow our way to the front and claim our cab.

Upon arrival at the hotel, it at first appeared that there was no-one there, but a scatty lady soon answered the door and ushered us into the establishment.

Upon waking the next morning we had a light but tasty breakfast with excellent coffee and ventured outside into the bright Roman sun. The first thing that struck us was the large amount of stray cats wandering the city. They seem to congregate particularly round the city’s old ruins and are a true sight to behold.

One of our first stops on our itinerary was the Vatican City. Now I am not in the least bit religious, however, my wife is what you might call a believer so she was really impressed with the whole thing. Architecturally I thought it was stunning, however the whole spiritual side of things failed to grab me.

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