Packing and Traveling

The past few days have been kinda crazy, as we mentioned. But, the time is coming. At the time of this writing, the ticker on the side says 5 days and 7 hours left.

Today, Tilly is returning home from the Seattle area. Today the world becomes right again. It’s been a long week of packing by myself, which is not the most fun of experiences I’ve ever had. It’s not even fun when you have people to talk with, but it’s better than having lemon juice poured into your paper cuts, which is what packing alone is like, except for that would be more exciting.

So, now that I’m sitting on the couch that we’ll only own for another 4 hours longer, adding expenses to my online accounting program (also extremely fun), and listening to Jem, I’ve decide that it’s time to go. You know that bunch of stuff you have left over in your home that just doesn’t fit into a category? You can’t pack it with anything, so it sits in its own box (or strewn about the living room floor in our case). Yea, that crap. I just want to put it all on a desk, because it’s much more fun to do this on a desk, put a box on the floor on one side, and with a wide sweeping motion push everything into that box. Tape the thing shut, drop it off at the storage unit, and voila, we’re done.

Then, we sit and wait… in our completely empty apartment… for 5 days.

Can’t we just live in the airport terminal like Tom Hanks in Terminal?

Here’s your video moment of zen from a few days ago:

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good luck!

don’t be afraid of the camera! ; )

Wow! Voila! Your use of the French language is very impressive! You should have no trouble at all once you get to France…

I’m just soooo excited (and, yes, jealous) that you get to have this great experience in Europe. I will also be praying for you both constantly as well as planning our own trip to visit you there!

Lots of love and blessings to you both and bon voyage!

Hope your flight was smooth sailing ~ or I guess really soaring, but whatever! I am sooo excited for you guys. I loved the video of your guys house a disaster! Definitely do a video of you guys in France drinking wine and eating cheese…. something French!

I love it!!

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