Staying in touch with family while traveling

With the emergence of the internet, and various instant message media, that can be used to communicate across the globe, comes to mind first and foremost among all the others. With Skype, one can purchase credit that can be used to make cheap international calls to any country in the world. Skype also has another function – if your loved ones also have Skype on their computer, then you can call PC to PC completely free. Skype also allows FREE video chat, now you can see their smiling faces if they have Skype & a webcam.

There is more than one way to make cheap calls to Pakistan or other countries. With Yahoo Instant Messenger, you can pay a monthly fee and make cheap international calls. Much like Skype, Yahoo also allows video chat to certain countries, if the option is available. Yahoo IM, like Skype gives you the option of calling landlines and PC to PC.

There are many calling cards available to make those international calls to your loved ones, look for them in your favorite gas stations or stores. One of the great things about using a calling card is that you can use your home phone to make those calls. By dialing an 0800 or local number, you can be talking in a few seconds to the people you know and love. Calling cards only charge cents to make those international calls, so you can talk for hours on end.

With the power of the internet, there are now companies that are able to route calls directly over the web, thus giving customers more value for their money. There are now companies that even allow you to text and receive credit to make calls. You will also get a reply with an access number, which you dial in order to make an international call. Now you can make those cheap calls to Pakistan, or anywhere in the world from as little as 1 pence per minute.

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