The Fine Cuisine of Aurignac

Although Nate and I are trying to save money we decided to splurge a little last week and go out for a relaxing dinner. We went to a local pub and took a seat. They didn’t have a very large menu but they did have about 7 items on a Plat de Jour list (entree’s of the day) for only 5.80 Euros each. The owner didn’t speak any English but he recommended the penne pasta with chicken and mushrooms. Nate and I both ordered that.

About 5 minutes later our dinner was served. And that’s when we discovered that we had just spent 11:60 Euros on two frozen TV dinners!! We started laughing so hard that I’m sure the owner was offended but he should be! I hope the French government finds out and shuts down his pub. What a waste of French cuisine.

Needless to say, it was awful.

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mmmmmhhmmm…tasty or Plat de Yuck. I can only imagine.

You’re better off with some baguette sandwiches from the local store. I miss those.

my brother and i once lived on nothing but bread, cheese, and beer for 3 whole days while traveling southern france. Vive La France!

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