The Sky is Falling

This past week has been pretty rainy here. There was some lightening and thunder and lots of rain. A little depressing as this time of year is usually really beautiful and warm. Luckily we decided to rent a car to make the process of finding a place to live easier. Last Friday we decided to drive our car away from the rain and storm and check out some towns inland. We had been finding a lot of rentals in Aix-en-Provence and we wanted to see if the town suited us or not. The city is about an hour and a half from where we’re staying in Antibes. It was pouring on our drive and I think it was on the verge of becoming a flash flood! We finally passed the storms and reached Aix-en-Provence. It’s a beautiful city in the middle of Provence, wine country. Vineyards lined the roads and small farms and houses dotted the hillsides. It was really picturesque. The actually city of Aix is just that… a city. It has a lot of character and is a bustling college town but just not the right town for us. Just too big for what we’re looking for.

While we were wandering around the city center and admiring the huge fountain and beautiful architecture it started to rain. We didn’t really think anything of it though. Being from the Northwest we’re used to rain so we just kept walking. About 5 minutes later it started absolutely downpouring. Now, this is no Seattle rain. We’re talking rain so hard and drops so big that I couldn’t even lift my eyes up to look down the street. We were completely soaked in about 30 seconds! The thing about France is that there are hardly any overhanging roofs so there wasn’t even any place to duck under and wait out the storm. Our car was about 6 blocks away so we ran for it. Nate was wearing flip-flops so he was almost falling down because of how slippery the sidewalks were. I was trying to protect the camera and books that I had in my bag. There was water dripping down our faces and it was getting hard to move because our jeans were almost completely wet by this point. It’s like we just jumped into a swimming pool fully dressed.

We started laughing hysterically at how wet we were and Nate managed to snap this photo of me before we got to the car. My jacket is supposed to be a light shade green and I have two shirts on under it that they are completely wet.It rained on us in Aix-in-Provence today
It was a wonderful experience and one that I won’t soon forget.

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It is fun to hear about all of your adventures. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. I can’t wait to hear more. Where you will live, who will you meet, what will your friends be like…? It will be an adventure for sure. Enjoy.

hey guys. good to hear how everything is going. i really admire your bravery. also, maybe you should look into modeling as you are both super hot.

What fun! I had a similar experience in Bulgaria with a surprise rainstorm. My friends and I couldn’t help but top off our complete drenching by deliberately splashing in some giant rain puddles. A bystander watching us began to laugh, so I said: “We must look crazy to you!” And he replied, “No, just American.”

Can’t wait to continue following your travels. I remember a crazy rain storm in Nice, France that my husband and I stood through drinking beer:)


Wow, thank you all for your nice comments! You guys are helping to make this transition easier, that’s for sure, with all your encouragement.

Jacque, it’s our pleasure! Thank you for commenting. That way we know you’re with us through it all. It really does help. More is coming soon… We’ve had stories almost every single day to tell. We just haven’t had the time to tell them all yet.

Gabe, we tried modeling once but they thought we were too hot, actually. We didn’t want to make people too jealous, so we try to stay out of the limelight. ;)

Amber, yea, what we failed to mention in this post was that Aix-in-Provence was the first place in France I had to poo into just a hole instead of a toilet too. The tie-in to your comment is that the bathroom attendant thought I was crazy to go back out in the rain afterwards… but, I felt too dirty to stay inside that nasty place. Poor guy who had to work there.

Melanie, beer would have been good at a time like that. But I think Tilly would still rather be dry than have beer and be wet. Ah, opposites attract I guess. :)

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