Top Three Beaches in Thailand

Thailand’s beaches are famous throughout the world. But with so many stunningly beautiful options, it is almost impossible to pick only three. Each beach has a unique personality and its own specialty. Here are three of the must-visit beaches in Thailand

Patong beach

Patong is the most popular beach in Thailand. It is also Phuket Island’s largest beach. If you are looking for fun, party, indulgence and water activities, Patong is the place for you. Apart from the soft white sand, warm water and a wide coastline, it also offer numerous restaurants, hotels, vibrant nightlife, water activities like jet skiing and much more.

Maya bay

This small beach is a part of a tiny island near Koh Phi Phi. This beach possibly offers the best scenery in the whole country. It lies in a small bay and is surrounded by tall limestone cliffs, which together create a mesmerizing visual appeal. As there is no arrangement for accommodation, you can visit the bay only on a day trip by boat.

Railay beach

Although Railey beach is technically located on the mainland, you can reach it only by a boat. Except during the peak seasons, it is usually quite secluded. The majestic cliffs surrounding the beach, tiny islands near by and the pristine waters create a breathtaking image. You can either relax and enjoy the scenery or indulge in activities like swimming, snorkeling and rock climbing.

This is just a little of the many hundreds of magnificent beaches you will find in Thailand, and are you not going to be close to any of these places on your Thailand trip, you should not be worryed, almost all locations have their beautiful beaches. And if you want to know more about them, or some of the many other avtivities there is to do on your holiday in The land of smiles, please visit here : Thailand rejser

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