4 Websites We Checked To Get $131 Airfare from Los Angeles to London

Before we started on our journey to France, we had to buy some airline tickets.  We got a smoking deal on our flight. $131 to fly straight from Los Angeles to London England. We could hardly believe it ourselves, until we booked it, double checked our seat reservations, printed everything and even called AirFrance on the phone to confirm.

Anyway, a few people wondered how we got that kind of a deal.  We shared the links we check with a few friends, but for some reason forgot to share the love.

Aurignac, France

Aurignac, France

Well, now we’re in Aurignac, France (living just below that little tower you see in the photo) and we’ve got quite a bit of time to spare.  Plus, we’re already searching out where we’re going to go next.

Despite pleas from our friends on the Cote d’Azur who are begging for us to come back, and the fact that we haven’t seen anywhere near as much here in Europe as we intended, we’re actually thinking of taking some time to visit New Zealand.

To do that, we need to fly (although a boat would be fun, the price would probably give me a coronary).  So, we need prices and cheap flights.  Enter my trusty 4 website bookmarks:

  1. Independent Traveler: Not the best looking site in the world, but this is where we found that Air France deal. Not kidding. Before then, I was finding $400-500 deals there too, so don’t judge this website by it’s design.
  2. Virtual Tourist: I really really want this site to do well. It has great potential, in definite need of some usability help, but it has some good deals too.
  3. Travel Zoo: This site you might have heard about already.  I believe it’s even a publicly held company.  It’s also not the prettiest, and their international travel deals seem to be ok.  But, they really shine when it comes to domestic travel.
  4. IgoUgo: A good site, great UI, good usability, decent travel deals.  I definitely check it as my 4th spot.

Now, as an honorable mention, you should definitely look at Kayak.com if you’re looking for any domestic flight deals.  They are by far the best.  I just didn’t put them in my top 4 above because I personally don’t even bother looking at them for international flights yet.  They pick up on the overpriced bookings rather than the deals.  But, as I said, if you’re going domestic, they can’t be beat.

That’s the scoop.  Those are the sites I check for international flights.  That’s how we got our flight from LAX to London for $131.  Feel free to bookmark this page and share it with your friends.


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Oh, and as another bonus, if you’re in need of a hotel in Europe, I highly suggest Venere.com. I noticed their rates are about 25% off the typical standard rate at the same hotel. No coupon-clipping necessary.

ALso check out Dohop.com as an alternative to Kayak. Dohop often has cheaper tickets.

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