Travel Photos, Finally

Concert at dusk next to the castle in Aurignac, France Finally. We’ve had enough time to do a few updates and, as you can tell, we’re finally getting a few things updated on the site. First thing: the photos. It’s about time.

Also, I (Nate) finally got off my butt and fixed the map on the right too. Fixing that not only makes it look better (and show our location accurately), it also makes this entire site load faster.

The photo chosen for this post is actually kinda cool. The back-story is that these guys had a concert with their 4-piece drum and string band the other night. They played right behind and above our home. They coordinated their music with the old silent (German) movie Aladdin (with French subtitles so that we couldn’t understand a damn thing). They started at dusk, and by the time they were finished, the moon had risen directly behind them. A great evening.

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It looks absolutely amazing there, Nate!! I’m super jealous of you guys. Your little apartment area looks adorable & cozy too! Have fun and we all miss you back in CA :) Cheers!

you should post some of the photos here….how about a photo post of all pictures?! :)

Sarah, well considering we’re back, you don’t have to miss us anymore. :) It looked cozy, but it was honestly very cold, even though outside temp was about 90+ degrees. We would have rather traveled more. It’s ok, we’ll get back there some day in the future.

Nomadic Matt, thanks for commenting. We love your site and the resources you provide there too. We do have all our photos on Flickr, and we actually did talk about adding more photos to each of our posts. But, one big post with all the photos might be a bit much for one page. We took hundreds of photos during those 2 months.

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