Travel Pillows: Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Buying a travel pillow often involves making trade-offs between different features. Portability versus support, or lightweight construction versus ergonomic design.  So there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before making a final decision on which model of travel pillow to purchase. There’s more information and reviews here on travel pillows, but the below will get you started on the right track for questions you should be asking.

Are you looking for top quality support your head and neck? If you value this feature more than any other, then it may make sense to choose a pillow made with a dense grade of memory foam. Memory foam travel pillows are unique in their ability to mold to your body shape providing a high-level of support and comfort.

Are you looking for a pillow that you can adjust? Do you sometimes want a soft pillow and other times one that is firmer?  If this is the case then consider purchasing a micro bead pillow or one filled with buckwheat hulls. But make sure the design allows you to remove some of the filling to adjust to the density that you require. Inflatable pillows of course can also be adjusted.

Is portability your prime concern? If you’re a frequent flier looking for a highly portable design, then an inflatable pillow may be your perfect traveling companion. When deflated most models can fold down to the size of a small wallet.

Is travel weight an issue? If you’re constantly at the limit of weight restrictions when it comes to your carry-on luggage, then once again an inflatable model may be right for you. These are the lightest travel pillows on the market. Buckwheat pillows, while heavier than inflatables, are generally lighter than memory foam or microbead filled pillows, so consider these as well.

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