Unique European Beaches As Destinations For Cheap Holidays

It’s true that many Europeans are held sway by the allure of the exotic tropical beaches in Asia. This is why statistics for Maldives holidays and other Asian destinations are steadily increasing. However, this shouldn’t blind holiday goers to the equally interesting and beautiful destinations for beach holidays found in Europe. Compared to the Far East, these are much nearer which makes them ideal if one is aiming for cheap holidays, which are easy on the pocket.

Lithuania isn’t that known for being a destination for being a beach holiday which is why it has hidden gems such as the Curonian Spit. The unusually named beach is found is relatively new entrant in the list of nice beaches in Europe. It would be an ideal place to visit if you are into places that have not yet been touched by mass tourism. Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy the golden sands of this beach. Accommodations can be obtained in the nearby fishing villages. The Curonian Spit is accessible via ferry ride from the port of Klaipeda.

In Sicily’s west coast, the village of Scopello is one of the places where people go to for a nice time on the beach. Scopello’s white sand beach is just a 20 minute walk from the village center. The best time to enjoy the beach if you prefer fewer crowds is during the months of April and May. If you go during the summer, especially in August, the beach can be full of visitors from all over Sicily.

In recent years, Cyprus has become an emerging destination for tourists from all over Europe. There are several beaches found in the island nation, one of which is Pissouri Beach. The beach is quite popular and can get filled up during the weekends. If you want lesser crowds, going there during the weekday is recommended. Despite its popularity, the beach is still able to escape becoming a tourist trap. Beach goers who go to Pissouri Beach can expect to do some diving and other water activities apart from swimming.

There are indeed many hidden gems in Europe when it comes to the beaches that one can go to. Travelers looking for new place to explore can try out other European countries aside from Spain and Greece where some of the beaches have became commercialized with mass tourism. With beaches that are favorites of the locals but whose charms have not yet reached the ears of a wider audience, you and your family will be able to have unique yet cheap holidays.

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