Our Travel Shoe Sponsor

Our wonderful friends at are sponsoring our travels with free shoes. We excitedly received them today and after bouncing around the apartment, finally opened up the box and tried them on.

Here’s what they look like:

Travel Sponsor: Zappos

Why A Shoe Sponsor?

I’ll keep this simple and straightforward… because we will be walking a ton. My shoes were getting elderly, and you can’t walk around too long in skater shoes anyway. So, I opted for the Skechers which are very light, very comfy (I need a ton of arch support and this one has it), and something that won’t look like I’m from out of town too much. These brown Skechers are kinda European looking (so says Tilly), so I’m for ’em.

I do envy Tilly’s shoes though. They are insanely light because the sides and top are just webbing, which allows for a ton of fresh air for your feet. That’s one thing I need, but I couldn’t find a shoe that did that too well, so I went after style and comfort as the next best thing.

Why Zappos?

Now, as we mention on our sponsors page, we don’t just accept sponsorships from anyone. We want to represent awesome companies everywhere we travel. Zappos is one of those awesome companies.

They are the of shoes, but they don’t see themselves that way. They see themselves as a service company. Zappos gives you free shipping (both ways if you want to return your shoes). I haven’t hit a restriction yet on that fact, which is pretty amazing. Did you order the wrong size? No problem. Didn’t like the color you got? No problem. Just didn’t look the way you thought they would. No problem.

Honestly, who does that?

That’s freaking amazing. Also, they have a Zappos Twitter account to be able to listen to your feedback on their company. And if you know much about me, you know I love Twitter. A company that listens, considers themselves a service company above a product company, etc. This company is amazing!

So, you’ll be seeing photos and videos in about a month from now with us trekking through Europe inside our comfy cozy new shoes.

Thanks Zappos!

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I would jump around the room too if someone sent me “free” shoes. We like the airyness of the white ones, and the brown ones look very much like a 1950’s suitcase, therefore, very European. You should put some stickers on them of the countries you visit! Will Iowa be on your map? Also, don’t see Zappos on your sponsor tab link yet. I say Hooray for ZAPPOS!! Do you have a pedometer?

Yea, if I remember to update “where we are”, then yea, Iowa will be on the map.

And yea, I need to add Zappos to the sponsors page too.

Nope, no pedometer.

Way to go man, I know you’ve got a bunch more up your sleeve too. Can you get sponsored by Heineken?

If you need any paper boxes or bags just let me know!

Mom, Iowa is on the map. :)

Aaron, dude, I would freaking kill to be sponsored by Heineken or some other (good) beer company. That would be sweet. I’ll definitely let you know if the French hate my face so you can send me some bags. As for boxes, we just need to move things into storage, so if you’re even halfway serious, we’d love to get some boxes and I’d love to put Weyerhaeuser on our “sponsors” list.

Yay for shoes! Nate, you are just a creative genius to think of a sponsorship involving shoes. Unless Tilly thought of it first.

Can you believe you’re gone in less than a week? Wow. I can’t wait to see your photos already!

Nope, I can’t believe we’re leaving in less than a week. Sometimes it’s just surreal to even think about. Other times I freak out completely.

Thanks for the kudos. I’m trying to hook up with other companies too, who might want to sponsor our time. With a few sponsors, we are planning some pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, thanks! Great to hear from you. Keep in touch, of course.


Great sponsorship! I am a professional barefoot waterskier and protecting my feet is my number one priority! Zappos has been a key to choosing the right shoe or sandal for all the traveling I do. I’m in and out of sandals all day long being in the boat, to skiing and then back on the dock. Can’t get any slivers in these feet. Just wanted to get a little help on asking Zappos for a sponsorship. Any help would be much appreciated!

Keith St.Onge Google me!

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