Houston, Friends, and Heroes

Houston Skyline (by telwink via Flickr)

Houston Skyline (by telwink via Flickr)

This week we took a flight to Houston, Texas, a city neither Tilly nor I had been to yet. The purpose was two-fold.

First, our friends Lach and Kari invited us to come early to have an opportunity to teach the Public Information Officers in the Houston/Galveston area about social media (all those sites like FaceBook, Flickr, BrightKite, and Twitter. Of course, I also promoted CrisisWire, our current project of choice.

Lach and Kari were kind enough to drive us around and let us stay at their place. They are fantastic and awesome people to hang out with. I can’t say enough good things about them.

We were also in town for HeroCamp, which was a fantastic event. It was very challenging and I think we learned a ton during this whole process. We did actually get a great product idea rolling and the next steps mapped out. We’ll be using Akoha (with their permission of course) to create a hero deck, hopefully inspiring the kids to do heroic things and thinking about making them a habit.

During our time here, we’ve had some amazing food. Tapas, tacos, and more. Great stuff. I recommend Houston highly, especially with a cell phone that can check Yelp out while you’re here.

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Nate and Tilly! Nice to get to meet you and hear about the projects you are working on. I wish you luck and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. :D

We’re looking forward to seeing how the outcome of HeroCamp pans out. I heard the event was fantastic and truly wish I could have been there.

Good luck!

Old comment on an old post, but you’ll be pleased to know that while training some users for the City of Houston, Houston METRO, Harris County Dept of Ed. and South Texas Project, Lurinda asked “is there anything special we have to do to get our alerts onto Crisiswire?” w00t! everyone loked at her like “What? Crisiswire?” and I got to explain to everyone in the room what it was and why it was so great. Crisiswire ftw.

Haha.. that’s awesome Lach. Thanks! Lurinda is awesome and so are you. :)

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