It’s Getting Crazier By The Minute

Packing and MovingAs you can see by the countdown timer it’s getting close. We’re almost into the single digit days left as I write this post.

The past few days have been rather eventful. Tilly quit her job (I’m still not sure why she hasn’t posted here yet… prod her to post, please) and started packing the house. My contract with Microsoft took on new life so I’ve been unable to help the first few days.

Then, I had a panic attack. Nothing “serious”, just me freaking out about all this. I’m usually pretty chill, but at about T-12 days I was thinking “Holy crap! we have 12 days before we leave! Didn’t I have another week in here somewhere?”

Today, Tilly is in the Seattle area visiting family again. That leaves the packing for me until the 19th, when she’ll be back. This evening I probably got us to the 95% done stage, and I can say I’m pretty happy about it.

So, what does a guy do when his wife is out of town, he’s packed up the house and there’s nothing in his RSS reader? That’s right, sets his computer to download about 138 movies at once and runs to the store for some beer. Honestly, there’s nothing left in this house except for beer, energy drinks and peanut butter. What else does a programmer need?

Oh, right. Alone-time and the looming deadline of leaving the country for the next year. Yea, that’ll do.

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What a giant step for the two of you to go to Europe for the next year! I’m so very excited for you two! May you experience more than you expect (in a good way), love each other the whole time, and yet still miss your families and remember their importance in your lives! Nate, enjoy your peanut butter, beer and energy drinks. You sound like my husband. He thinks a trail mix constitutes as an entire meal and a Guinness as dinner :) I wish you both safe travels, I can’t wait to read more! I’ll keep you both and your families in my prayers while you’re away!


Thanks for the encouragement! We appreciate it a ton. We definitely will remember our families and friends here, for sure. We’ll be missing them.

I definitely will enjoy my peanut butter, beer and energy drinks. Your husband sounds like a great guy to me. I’m not sure about the trail mix, but certainly the Guinness is a meal in itself. It’s wonderful.

Thanks for your prayers, as well. Please, come back to this site and comment often. We would love to keep hearing from you!


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